The SNAP benefit under the Trump administration is infuriating. Working for the Census, every day I ask folks if they have received SNAP benefits and let me just say - this program has made a big impact in people's lives.

what comes next... I don't know. At some point we needed to be over Covid and still... I'm worried.

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Feb 21, 2023Liked by Joan DeMartin

"Hiding behind Covid to waste billions of taxpayers' dollars on their radical agenda..." Leave it to Scalise, one of the many repubs who do nothing but attack and have absolutely no helpful agenda of their own...how do they ever get elected??

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Feb 19, 2023Liked by Joan DeMartin

The good programs should be reintroduced on their own merit, outside the justification of a national emergency, which for good or ill, is no longer being treated as such.

But that won't happen because, as we all know, poor people won't work unless their children are threatened with hunger.

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